One Day Film School

One Day Film School


Cost: $99

Ages 8+
(This class is for beginners in filmmaking)

Want a competitive edge on your fellow filmmakers?  Then attend Studio 27's One Day Film School -- taught by professional filmmakers who will show you how to make a great film no matter what your budget or resources may be -- even if all you have is an iPhone and a dream!

A fun and intense day of hard facts and real-world info about everything from pre-production to final delivery -- including writing, producing, directing, acting and editing -- the One Day Film School will give you real world info about film production that will not only give you what you need to know to make the best film possible, but will also help save you time and money while making it.

Overview of topics covered:
Pre-Production          Screen Writing          Producing         Securing Locations          Casting, Finding Crew
Equipment  - what to use, where to find it                           Scheduling                        Budgeting
Production                 Directing                   Acting                Lighting                             Camera
Sound                        Set Decor                 Costuming         Continuity                          Props
Special FX                 Stunts                       Make-up/Make-up FX                                  Post-Production
Editing                       Sound editing          Sound Mix          Music                                 Visual FX
Delivery Formats And much, much More!


Class Date options:

March Dates TBD

Saturday : 10am - 12pm
Sunday  : 10am - 12pm

Contact us to register at or 770.756.9755
No refunds available

Dates available:
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