So You Think You Can Improv?

So You Think You Can Improv?


Ages 8-18

Join us for our new IMPROV class! 
Gain confidence, be more playful, and get more creative with your acting! With the basic improv skills of listening, reacting, working with others, and trusting oneself, you'll learn not to shudder when the director says, "Let's improvise!" Improv is used in auditions and on set constantly, and is a valuable tool to have as an actor. Improv skills will help you stay present and make committed choices. Each week will be focused on different improv skills culminating in short scenes inspired by a one-word suggestion. 

Come learn from Jade Fernandez who has trained in several formats of improv, from commedia dell'arte to long form. She currently studies and performs at Highwire Comedy Company in Atlanta. 

This class is a 4 week class and will be every Tuesday for the month of February beginning on the 7th. Register now to get our introductory rate of $65 (regularly $79).

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