10 Quick Insider Tips To Nail Your Audition


We recently did a marketing survey for our current students and parents of students here at Studio 27, and boy, were the results insightful! One of the main interests of our students’ and their families was that they would like more insider tips on how to book those gigs. The truth is, we can’t wave a magic wand over this blog post whereupon reading it, you’ll magically start booking out - BUT, as someone who has worked in film in nearly every capacity for almost 9 years and in theatre for almost 17 years, I can tell you what the other side of the table IS looking for!

Here are our quick-and-dirty insider audition tips to [hopefully] land you your next gig!:

  1. Dress to impress. In LA, actors wear audition outfits that reflect the character they’re reading for. You may have to read for multiple characters, but come dressed as the OG characters you’re reading for, and the auditors will be super impressed!

  2. Be polite. Respect your auditors time - they have hundreds if not thousands of other actors to review! And they’re in charge of whether or not you book, not you. Don’t act like you’re above the audition, even if it’s low-budget or not SAG. Thank the auditors when you’re finished.

  3. Be off-book. You can have your script for “safety,” but as off-book as you can be.

  4. Don’t shake hands. It’s cold and flu season - yuck! Don’t spread germs by shaking hands, unless the casting directors initiate a handshake.

  5. Be nice. You can chat with the other actors in the holding area. No need to be snobby - you never know who’s going to make it big!

  6. Be humble. Be direct about your experience, but no need to name-drop.

  7. Be prepared. Bring AT LEAST two copies of your headshot and resume - bring a commercial AND theatrical headshot, if it makes sense for the role. Make sure resumes are stapled to the back of your headshots.

  8. Turn your phone off. Seriously. No one is going to appreciated a ringtone or buzz during your audition.

  9. Listen (and take) direction! If you get direction after a read, it’s a good thing. Trust us.

  10. Do your research. Do your character work before you walk in. Come prepared with smart questions. Learn all you can about the auditors/casting directors and the production company.

BONUS tip: Relax. No one wants you to be nervous - you’re there to interview them for this job, too! And have a BLAST!

Posted on November 7, 2018 and filed under Audition.