Free Ways to Invest in Your Acting


Starting any career costs money - after all, the old saying isn’t, “you have to save money to make money”; in fact, it’s just the opposite. This can be a struggle, particularly for starving artists. We get it! Which is why we put together this list of ways to invest in your acting career without spending a dime (or, quite literally, spending a few cents). Read on, thespians.

Reading is Fundamental

Go to your local library (we know, we know - how vintage)! Check out some plays by well-known playwrights - most metropolitan libraries should have a playwright section. If your library doesn’t have a theatre section, head over to Goodwill or another comparable thrift store - people always give away plays they had to purchase for school or that they were acting in. Find some plays, and read them. Read as many as you can. Learn how good playwrights write good characters - learn from the masters.

Make Decisions

Simply put: make decisions, and stick to them. Create a plan or a list of goals. Heck, you can even draw inspiration from one of those bullet journal things that are so popular right now. Discover how you can use your potential to the fullest extent by simply writing down your thoughts and ideas. Take time for yourself - self-care is huge. But the good news is, writing is (also) free! Take out all your ideas on the page.

School Yourself

The flipside of writing is reading - learn as much as possible on the industry. Look up resources online or on LinkedIn. Ask for help. Reach out to people who could become mentors - in my experience, many if not most people have a mentorship attitude, meaning that they love talking to people who are maybe a rung or two down the ladder from them in terms of a career, and they want to help. Also, take a look at websites, like and Playbill - these are wonderful resources for both aspiring and well-established actors!

Audit Classes

Call up your local acting studio (like, ahem, Studio 27 Talent) and see if you can audit a class. This is a way that allows you to take classes for free to see if that particular acting class is a good fit for what you want to learn, your budget, and your style. recommends auditing at least three classes with three different teachers and also cites these red flags to watch out for. The article also notes that auditing a smaller class is more beneficial, so that you can really get that individual attention - it's like getting a private coaching session (which Studio 27 also offers private coaching for auditions!) without feeling overwhelmed. You also have the rest of your peers in your class, who have your back!

What are some other acting “hacks” you’ve discovered? Let us know!

Posted on July 15, 2018 .