Corporate Improv Training & Workshops

Studio 27 Talent is the home to students ages 5 - 105, but we have also expanded our efforts by bringing corporate improv training into small businesses and large corporations! Our talented coaches have taught improv at companies like Spanx, and others. 

Improv training helps businesses and their employees to:

  • Listen better, and with empathy.

  • Retain high-quality employees.

  • Learn tactics and skills that can lead to more quality leads, closing sales, and higher ROI.

  • Participate in team-building activities.

  • Strengthen employee bonds.

  • Communicate better.

  • Develop leaders.

  • Brainstorm more effectively.

  • Learn how to perform better in presentations.

  • Notice the little things!

These traits are all extremely valuable to businesses, both big and small - and believe us, improv can help companies and employees perform better overall!

Let us show you how today, by giving us a call: 770.756.9755. Also, Please fill out form below and submit so we can reach out to you to schedule your corporate workshop!

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