Improv Insanity Workshop Week:

Improv Insanity Workshop Week:


July 23-27, 2018: 9am-5pm (Mon. - Fri.)

KIDS: 7-11:  9: 00 am- 5:00 pm: 
TEENS: 12-17:  9:00 am- 5:00 pm: 
COST: $350 per student

Have you been waiting for a reason to just LAUGH? Or, maybe you need to get your brain ready for school after a long, fun Summer? Come enjoy a week of insane fun with IMPROV!!  
Whether you're looking to just have fun, want to get a taste of living on the edge or learn the foundations of Improv then you don't want to miss this week long workshop!! Come train with our Coach, Anna Jones, a professional improvisor and learn to "be able to not know the words but know the intention".  Students will gain the basics of stage improv work, character building, learning how to yes…and in a scene and more. Improv has several proven benefits and here are just some of them: Improv not only helps with acting skills, but also with public speaking, interactions and relationships at schools and clubs, improves confidence and critical thinking skills, learning communication, listening, writing, problem solving, thinking on the fly, public speaking, improving memory skills, etc. We will end our week with a live performance for family and friends! Put your imagination to the test!

This is a beginner-level course that will cover: 
•   Stagecraft
•   Stage Picture
•   Movement
•   Working with Scene Partner(s)
•   Starting and Ending Scenes
•   Audience Interaction/ Suggestion
•   Vocabulary
•   Formats
•   On stage persona (charm)
As well as short form and long form improv, games, and so much more!

(Everyone must bring their own lunch and/or snack and water).

Register online at or call 770-756-9755.

About Anna: Our instructor is Anna Jones, a longtime actor, teacher, coach, and producer for both stage and film. Anna has her BA in Theatre from Georgia Southern University and has worked in casting on both coasts. She has been trained in improv at Jet City Improv in Seattle, Groundlings in Los Angeles, and Dad's Garage in Atlanta, and is now Head of Production for Grinning Man Films East in Atlanta.


Improv Insanity:
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