"I absolutely loved being a part of the Master Class Production.  The class size was kept small so we got individual attention from the director the entire time.  His work in the film industry is very impressive and the fact that he wrote our scenes, tailoring them specifically for each one of us, was icing on the cake.  The culmination of the class, spending an entire day not only watching but actually filming on a set with lighting, sound and a crew, was the highlight of the entire class.  A dream come true for anyone who's wanted to know what it's like to be in a movie.  I thoroughly enjoyed this course and would do it again in a second.  

Thank you Studio 27 for this opportunity!"
Leigh Roberts- Student


"Thank you Studio 27 for the experience Katie had with the Master Production Team (Demo Reel Workshop).  What a fantastic opportunity to work with a professional director/producer, gain insight into the filming process and end the classes with a quality product Katie can use to promote herself.  Thanks so much!"

Robin MacLauchlan- parent