Short Film/Demo Reel Workshop

Short Film/Demo Reel Workshop


Ages: 8 and up
Must attend introductory meeting. Class size is limited to 8 students

Actors know that the best way to get an agent and land a leading role is to have a demo reel with great looking footage of yourself in compelling, well written scenes in a professional production.

But how do you get those scenes to make your demo reel, without having one in the first place. Studio 27 has the solution.

We have teamed up with a professional film director and producer to create a unique workshop.  Not only will you get to work directly with the director to learn how to give a great on-camera performance, but you will also get to star in your own professionally produced scene, written specifically for you and your scene partner -- and directed by the film producer.  The end result is a scene you can use to show producers, casting directors and agents, and that will help jump start your acting career.

Polish your acting skills with full on-set production experience, on and off location filming, as well as a receiving a professional reel at the end of the session. Not only will you be the actor but also part of the production team. 

Some other things you will learn include:
-How to handle the challenges of shooting a scene from multiple angles in a professional environment
-Professional set protocol
-How to adjust the energy of your performance to match the material and the camera angle (close-up, medium shot, wide shot, etc.)
-How to find the dynamics in the script and make them work for you
-Technical requirements of performance such as marks for focus, sound issues, requirements of the shot, etc.
-The role and requirements of the other people/crew on set
-How to listen to director to understand the adjustments he wants and how to make them quickly and effectively

We're seeking serious and committed actors for this project. Contact us to reserve your spot. (This class is for beginner to advance).


Class Dates: 
Mon. June 17th from 5pm-6pm

Meet with Derek as he gets to know you. Pair with partners and throw ideas back and forth for possible scene ideas.

Mon. June 24th from 5pm-6pm
Receive 2 to 3 page tailored scene and review.

Film Day on Location! TBD in class! Derek will schedule your production days based on your availability. 

Young participant's parents can volunteer to help out on set.


Cost: $475 per student

50% non-refundable deposit is required prior to introductory meeting. Payment can also be made through the studio. No refunds are available. 

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