I spend so much time over the year traveling to different agencies and schools to meet and educate talent.  Studio27 is a jewel that I have found in Georgia.  Cheryl Harris and her staff have discovered and developed unbelievable talent.  Their singers are amazing, their actors are well equipped and their models are totally prepared to enter the market place.  I have had nothing but wonderful and professional experiences with Studio27 and I continue to refer any talent in the Georgia area to this amazing studio.  

Scott Cooper (Owner, Talent Inc.)

"I love working with actors and parent of actors who train at Studio27.  They always respond in a timely and professional manor. I always feel confident when I submit auditions from the actors who train at Studio27.  They all have a great work ethic and deliver strong reads."  

Beth Saunders- Agent (Evolution Talent Agency Atlanta)

Once again, you (Cheryl) and Studio27 have proven what a class act you are.  We are incredibly lucky and blessed to have stumbled on to your studio and look forward to a bright future with your direction and tutelage. 

Thank you so very much!

Michelle Morrow (parent)

Working with Mack Woodward and Wyatt Oates was literally life changing for me. They both were heavily involved in the album I made with Elvis "Blac Elvis" Williams in 2011 and it's impossible to be around these amazing guys and not learn how to better your craft. Check this out if you're in the Atlanta area, I really wish I could go!

Kendra Chantelle (Client)

Studio27 Model and Talent has some of the best talent.  They are very well trained.  When their clients go on castings, they are well prepared and almost always get call backs and/or bookings.  If I am looking for someone unique or well trained, Cheryl Harris's studio, Studio27, is the first call I make.

Her kids and adults have been seen on episodics, commercials and print.  Love this studio.

Linda D. Rutledge- Agent (Babes N' Beaus Talent Agency)

Two of my Tree Sound Studio Alum staff are doing this [Songwriting Sessions], I worked with them for many years. They are super fun and super talented (and yes, I forgive you guys for covering my office head to toe in sticky notes... lol) This is gonna be a very cool workshop and a great way to get a "tune up" on your writing skills. Whoot Whoot! Go guys!

Nina Baldridge

We wanted to take this opportunity to share our thoughts about what a wonderful experience we have had with Studio 27 and Talent Inc.

At first, we have to admit that we were a little skeptical about this whole experience. We had many conversations about whether or not we should pursue this opportunity. We ultimately decided to go for it, and it turned out to be one of the best decisions we ever made for our daughters.

We first wanted to give you a little background about Rosie and Victoria… Rosie is 5 years old and when Rosie first started preschool, she would not leave my side. Every day she would cling to my legs and scream and cry for at least the first hour of her 2 1/2 hour day at preschool. This went on for well over two months and it came to the point where my mother and mother-in-law would actually sit outside her preschool room so, when the door would open, she would see a familiar face. We then got to the point where she would go to preschool and cry every day but, would ultimately have a good time when she was there. She was a shy little girl who always needed to have a family member close by in order to feel secure. We, then, put her in a dance class and she absolutely fell in love with dancing. But, of course, we had to be visible at all times.  When the time came for the recital, the stage was very overwhelming for my daughter.  I brought her backstage to go on for her recital; they wouldn't allow parents back there and, as I was walking back to my seat to see her perform, I realized that Rosie was not on stage! Unfortunately, she would not go on because I had left backstage and she couldn't see me.

Well, all that has changed now. Since we decided to sign up with Studio27 my daughter is singing, dancing, acting, and talking on stage. All of her shyness has disappeared and she is quite the little starlet now.

Victoria is 13 years old; her dream is to pursue acting, dancing, and singing.  She has geared her life so far to fulfill these dreams by participating in drama kids and dance for the past 10 years.  She already knew that this is what she wanted but needed to polish her skills and portray her passion for the arts.  So we had two girls in very different places and stages in their maturity and training, and each of our daughters found this experience to be invaluable.

Studio 27 and Talent Inc. have taught our daughters memorization skills, stage presence, public speaking, interaction with other children and adults, interviewing skills, improvisation, and most importantly, confidence. These are skills that they will now carry with them for the rest of their lives.

Rosie has gone from being a shy, timid child to an outgoing, fun-loving, confident little girl who is eager to entertain and interact with both adults and children alike.

Victoria has become a vibrant, expressive,  and confident young woman who is ready to take the entertainment world by storm and pursue her dream because of the skills she has learned over the last 8 months.

So, to us, Studio 27 is so much more than a developer and Talent Inc. is so much more than a talent search agency; they actually mold children into becoming confident, charismatic, and respectful individuals.

We wanted to share our experience because it was such a worthwhile endeavor for not only our daughters, but for our families too.  We wanted others to understand what a gift being a part of this entire process has been.

Cheryl, you have an ability to reach both children and adults on a different level than most.  You cultivate their natural talent and turn it into an extraordinary gift for all to enjoy. 

We can remember when we went to our first training session; everyone was so nervous, but you could see such raw talent that was just waiting to be developed. You had the ability to transform that raw talent into well-polished actors, entertainers, and models.

We wanted to write this to thank you for developing our children and helping them find their natural gifts, talents, and abilities. Your abilities to nurture and mold students of the arts is unparalleled, and we are forever grateful that you shared your gifts and talents with our children.

The Kelly and Spadaro Families (Parents)

Going to Talent Inc. with the training of Studio27 was absolutely amazing and beneficial for both of my children.  Studio27 trained my two girls thoroughly with the intense training sessions they provided.  The coaches at Studio27 are extremely thorough and shared their talent and expertise with all children so they could succeed in achieving their dreams in performing arts. 

Our experience in Orlando at Talent Inc. was professional and enjoyable.  Both of my girls were very prepared for the showcases for which they performed.  (Thanks to Studio27!)  Talent Inc. made it fun for the talent by offering a nonthreatening environment, yet very much like what a real audition might be.  We were overwhelmed with the talent at Talent Inc. as well as proud of the talents of my own children.  The feeling was incomparable.  It felt almost like a family – meeting other parents going through the same things, asking the same questions, and having the Talent Inc. staff members and Studio27 managers right there to help us step by step. 

We felt very special to know many of the top agents came to scout talent and even more special to know my children were called back by many!  We are in the process of signing contracts that were offered and are excited to look forward to the journey Studio27 and Talent Inc. has provided for us!

Beth Katz (Parent)

Studio27 is a great resource for aspiring actors and models. Cheryl truly cares about her students and wants to see each one reach their goals. She is honest, fair, and supportive; a breath of fresh air in the industry.

Emily Brown (Student)

Training at Studio27 with Cheryl played such an important part of the success Ava Hope brought to the stage at the National Talent Showcase. Studio27 teaches you confidence and helps you have a better understanding for the industry. Meeting with agents from all over the country gives you positive reinforcement and exposure. The agents are very helpful in telling you the steps you need to follow after the showcase, which is very helpful and encouraging! We are grateful we had the opportunity to attend the showcase and look forward to what our future holds.

Hope Payne (Parent)

I had a really great time at the National Talent Showcase. It definitely opened my eyes to how the industry works and how we all have a talent deep within us ready to explode. With my scholarship, I definitely find interest in returning.

Arvante Ammons (Student)

I LOVED  the runways and also improv. I like how you teach. My favorite part was the film scene.  I think I did a good job on my commercial. I enjoyed sound check and singing. Thank you for teaching me all of this.

Prithika Chauhan (Student)

If you are a Cinderella who is stuck in that cinder while everyone else is partying in Hollywood, then you need a fairy Godmother who can add the sparkle to your talent and turn you to the most wanted by talent agents.  This year I met that fairy Godmother named Cheryl Harris, a Talent Director.

As a Talent Director, Cheryl helped us tremendously starting right after my daughter’s selection in her first audition for a National Talent Showcase this year in April. Down below is the list of things she helped us and others with.

Cheryl as a Talent Director:

  1. Help placing the Talent in the Entertainment Industry
  2. Educated us about what to expect at National Talent Showcase
  3. Held workshops for kids and adults with little to no experience of acting and/or modeling
  4. Took care of organizing all the documentation  for the showcase.
  5. Guided on how what is needed to get a professional head shot and a resume
  6. Helped choose the outfits and even hairstyles to perform in for Talent Showcase
  7. Helped choose the right songs and  commercials and film scenes according to age and personality of the clients
  8. Improved the interview skills
  9. Taught how to do a Runway walk ( My daughter’s favorite)
  10. Followed through the whole process and paperwork

The above listed things are which many Talent Directors might help you with but what makes Cheryl unique, is her passion in digging out that deep hidden  talent in you and adding that extra sparkle. She does tremendous amount of hard work and her effort to bring out the best in her clients is very inspiring. She got 100%   callbacks from talent agents for her clients, including my daughter.

 Mukta Chauhan (Parent)

I have worked with Cheryl Harris of Studio 27 for many years.  Cheryl provides top quality acting classes and incredible singing and voice over training. Some of my best talent has come from Studio 27. 

Linda Rutledge- Agent (BMG Agency)

I love Studio27 and the team there. I have represented several talent over the years who have learned such solid technique. Cheryl is so wonderful and professional and she tailors the classes to each of her students specific strengths and weaknesses. She has so much experience in the industry that I have noticed that her students come to me for representation with a better understanding of their responsibilities as an actor than most other talent. Love them!

 Brittany Mumford- Agent (Director of Television & Film; Benz Talent Agency)

"When looking for New Faces one of my Main go to persons is Cheryl Harris at Studio 27! 

I  have had the privilege of knowing and working with Cheryl for many years!  Her dedication and expertise in selecting, training and fine tuning New Talent is a must need for our Industry! Mavrick Artists is so grateful for all you do! Thanks for providing us with such Stellar Talent year after year!" 

Penny Middlemiss- Agent (Mavrick Artists, Los Angeles)

Mack and Wyatt are my favorite engineers/producers that I've been fortunate enough to work with, on a professional level and personal level. Responsible for taking my album "Wicker" from a bunch of sounds and turning it into a wonderful soundscape that I feel like stands the test of time. And nothing more important to making a great album than learning the language of the studio.

Joshua Phillips (Client)

We love this studio! Kudos and love to Cheryl and her magnificent team for inspiring and supporting my family and I to work toward supporting our son with his passion for entertaining.  As well as deveIoping my son to be an experienced actor and model. Elohim began his journey here about five months ago.

Wow. Since then Elohim learned and developed in improvisation, scene study, on-camera acting, and modeling. When he first started at Studio27 he was very quiet and shy. He is now the opposite. Cheryl and her team not only helped my son, they have also aided me in what I need to do to support Elohim in being successful. I am now prepared and knowledgeable of what I need to do to direct my little entertainer in the entertainment industry. His growth is evident in his work as an actor and model. His confidence has doubled and he has now been offered representation from Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta, and Florida. Thank you so much to Cheryl and her awesome team! 

Mercedes Davoren (Parent)

"We couldn't be happier with the experience we had through the training of Studio 27 Talent.  The entire process and training that Cheryl put the kids through was top notch.  She was able to take my daughter out of her comfort zone and gave her a feeling of confidence when trying new techniques.  The entire process was not only about trying to land an agency to represent my daughter but to enjoy the process along the way.  My daughter made so many friends from around the world, gained a huge amount of confidence on stage, and really learned how to put herself out there while keeping great composure.  I'm truly happy with the whole experience and the life lessons that were learned along the way for both myself and my daughter! "  

Lynn Pohl (Parent)

First, I would like to thank you for all the many long hours you put into helping everyone be prepared for this event. It was amazing. So well organized and I was just very impressed. I know what it takes behind the scenes (that nobody sees) to pull something off like that so smoothly. It was great and Amber and I had a blast!! We were so happy for ALL of Studio 27 people.

Carol Winkles (Parent)

We feel so fortunate to have local access to such an amazing talent development studio.  Cheryl Harris and the rest of the Studio27 team have been wonderful to work with.  Under the instruction of Cheryl and her team, we had the unique and exciting opportunity to attend Talent Inc. in Orlando, FL.  Because of the training our boys received at Studio27, the were well prepared and had a blast at the convention.  Between the two of them, they had 23 agent call backs from some of the top talent agents in the country.  This jump start to their acting/modeling career would not have been possible without Studio27. The Talent Inc. experience has truly been invaluable.

Trisha Kennedy (Parent)

"Thank you Lance Dreesen and Studio 27 for the experience Katie had with the Master Production Team (Demo Reel Workshop).  What a fantastic opportunity to work with a professional director/producer, gain insight into the filming process and end the classes with a quality product Katie can use to promote herself.  Thanks so much!"

Robin MacLauchlan (Parent)

After 5 weeks and 20 hours of training at Studio27 in Atlanta, plus the extra time I diligently worked on my craft at home, I attended the Talent Inc convention August 2015. To say the experience was truly life-changing was an understatement. I received 10 callbacks at the event, and 1 callback a week after returning received another contract offer. This experience would not have happened without God, my parents, and Mrs. Cheryl, Kate, and Mrs. Carmen who helped us prepare and excel at Talent Inc. we represented Studio 27 well with 100% callbacks! Even returning from the trip, contracts have been offered (and signed), and the hard work that I put into my dreams starting to pay off. This is just the beginning, and I am so grateful! I had to wait to attend Talent Inc, and I kept wondering "When is it going to be my time?" Trust me when I say God knows what He's doing. He sent me at the perfect time as a seasoned performer, and I received results beyond my expectations. Don't get disheartened when you have to wait, it only means something greater is in store, and that's what happened to me at Talent Inc! Now the real hard work and continuous training begins, and I am excited to see where I go in the near future! Thank you to Studio27 and Talent Inc for helping to launch stars and guiding them towards their destiny!

Jasmine Wells (Student)

Thank you so much Studio27 for all of your hard work and dedication! We appreciate you!

Maria Bryant (Parent)

Thank you very much for the hard work and dedication of you and your crew.  Natalie and I had a fabulous time at Orlando.  Not to mention how she enjoyed the training classes at the studio.  It was an eye-opening experience for both of us.  As we shared it with the whole family, they were amazed at how much Natalie learned and how much she enjoyed the whole process. Thank you very much, Cheryl for a job so well done.

Floria and Natalie Whitcomb (parent/student)

Studio27's dedication and willingness to help all of their clients achieve their highest potential certainly speaks for itself with 100% callback results at Talent, Inc. On a more personal note, I sincerely appreciate your professional and enthusiastic approach in helping Olivia fulfill her dreams in the entertainment industry.

Susan Cloer (Parent)

I have always had a passion for Acting, Singing and being a Fashion and Print model.  I expressed this to my mother on several occasions, but the last time I mentioned it she said "do the research".  I began looking for places that could help train me in the industries that I was interested in. I came across Studio27." We contacted them and paid them a visit.  We met Cheryl Harris and Carmen and they were extremely nice and they answered all of our questions.  They allowed me to participate in an acting class to see how I would like it. I loved it and signed up. I've been a part of Studio27 for the past 10 months.

In August 2015, I participated in the Summer Talent Inc. Showcase in Orlando, Florida.  I chose to perform in six categories, Photography, Fashion, Film, Swimwear, Singing, and Commercial. It was the most exciting event I have ever participated in. It afforded me the opportunity to gain experience and great exposure.  I enjoyed meeting and talking with the agents. I had a great time meeting new people and watching all of the talented people that performed in the showcase.

After the Talent Inc. showcase, several Agents expressed an interest in me. I was so excited and overwhelmed with joy. I received a few offers and I’m looking forward to advancing in my career of acting singing and modeling.

Lasanna Wardlow (Student)

I have been wanting to pursue a career in the entertainment industry for over 20 years now. I did not have the means or connections to travel to LA or NYC to do so back then. Now I don't have to. Cheryl Harris at Studio27 has opened the door for me to meet and have a connection to dozens of top talent agents in the entire entertainment industry. Through workshops and showcases onsite as well as places like the National Talent Showcase in Orlando, Florida, I have been exposed to a world I once thought was out of reach. In today's day and age, the entertainment industry is much more open to people of all shapes and sizes and Cheryl Harris at Studio27 has welcomed me in with open arms. I am having the time of my life attending acting and voice-over classes and will forever be grateful to Cheryl for giving me that chance. I've already attended the National Talent Showcase once and cannot wait to do it again! I encourage anyone, no matter what age, size, type or style that has ever had any interest in acting for film, commercials, tv, modeling in print or runways, singing, dancing and even voice-over work, to come to Studio27 and get plugged in. It will be one of the best decisions you've ever made for your life.

Leigh Roberts (Student)

Cheryl and her Studio27 team have been so generous to share their time and talent with my kids and I. We have learned so much and have improved our craft tremendously. We have been booking jobs since working with Cheryl!

Celine Dixon (Parent)

Just wanted to say I had the trip of a lifetime, which I truly owe all to you. Everything from training all the way to performing on the stage. Words cannot express how much I appreciate all of your hard work and for believing I could make my dreams a reality. Thank you so much. 

Curtis Legaspi (Student)

I was so excited to find Studio27. Living South of Atlanta, there are not a lot of options for acting classes, etc. down here. Cheryl has been a great acting coach. My kids have audited a class there as well and love it. I highly recommend Studio27 for all ages!

Heather Thompson (Parent)

We have nothing but great things to say about Studio27!  Under Cheryl’s guidance, we continue to watch our daughter’s skills and confidence improve.

Clark and Hanna Webster (Parents)

Ever since I've started with Studio27 I've enjoyed every minute of it. I enjoyed experiencing what it was like to perform in front of top agents and getting feedback form them on how i could improve and better benefit. I enjoyed the acting classes and the vocal lessons. They have helped me so much in things that I am currently doing. Studio27 has helped me experience new thing, branch out, and made it that much easier to never give up.

Hailey Leski (Student)