Studio27 Policy and Class Requirements

Here at Studio27, we believe in progression. However, it is hard to progress without consistency. So we have a few requirements!

Our classes are designed for a student to enter at any point or month throughout the year. When courses are full, we remove them from the list. If there is a course you want to enroll in that you do not see here, please call to be put on the waiting list – 770-756-9755.

We accept cash or credit card. If you need to pay by credit card for private sessions you can log onto our website at All of our payments online are processed though a secure server. 

For monthly tuition payments your card will automatically be charged on the 1st of each month.


Refund Policy:
Full refund will be given if student withdraws 8 days prior to a specialty class or workshop. No refund if withdrawn 24 hours prior to class start date. No refunds on promotional classes or specials. No refunds on VIP classes or special workshops.  If you choose to book a private session at private rates to make-up a missed class please schedule through the front desk (See Studio policy).


Referral Fee:
Studio27 offers a referral fee!! Ask us how it works!



A 24 hours notice is required for any class that you miss. We understand emergencies occur, if your situation is not an emergency, please be considerate and inform us of your absence.


You are only allowed two make-up classes per track (3 months). If you miss more than two classes, they are considered a forfeit and you will not have the opportunity to make these up. Only students who have given a 24 hours notice of their absence and been given approval can make-up (Students with more than two unexcused absences will be denied makeup classes).


A make-up class is scheduled once per month on a pre-determined date based on coach availability. Space is limited.


Tardiness is not tolerated. We are serious about developing our students into professional actors. Tardiness is the first sign of disrespect in the industry, so we will not tolerate it in our studio. 

You must attend a minimum of three months consistently to class to qualify for our VIP showcases.



Private sessions must be paid for in advance book online or over the phone. There are no refunds for privates. If you must cancel with a 24 hours notice, we will credit you to make up the session within the month it was scheduled.



Parents will be required to attend a mandatory meeting held at the beginning of each track to discuss what is expected of their children as our students. It is important to us that parents stay in the loop of what is going on. Parents who miss this meeting will be required to book a 30 minute consultation for a fee.

Parents are responsible to pick their children up within 10 minutes of class ending or there will be an applied fee.