Studio27 Spotlight Showcase

Our professional team of coaches will be preparing our students to audition for this VIP showcase. 24 selected students will perform for local Casting Directors and Talent Agents who are scouting new talent and also offering feedback. Selected students will prepare requested material from our VIP panel and the showcase will be held at Studio27.  Our Spotlight Showcase has given our students the opportunity to be offered contracts from agents and feedback from casting directors. 

AUDITION DATES: All students who are registered our weekly classes by the end of January 2019 are eligible for a spot in the showcase. All students must remain in 3 months of consecutive classes prior to the showcase. Those who register after February 1, 2019 will need to either audition or be confirmed by their coach to be in the showcase.

SHOWCASE DATE: April 27, 2019

Showcase fee: $175

Tickets for family members $15 each. Seating is very limited.



AGENTS: We will post as VIP’s confirm


CASTING DIRECTORS: We will post as VIP’s confirm